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Handsome Joe is doing really well.

We had his hind leg amputated a few days ago and he is up and running.  Trying to stop him running around is the biggest challenge. 🙂
Joe is 7 years old and loves to have cuddles. He also loves to chase balls, which we are limiting at the moment. It won’t take long until he is back to full speed.
Joe does like to bark at quad bikes and motor bikes, otherwise he is content to lay next to you all day long.
If you are interested in adopting Joe, please let me know.
You can apply to adopt this lovely boy online at or PM me.
Joe is fine with other dogs, but if they get in his face too much i.e. a puppy jumping up in his face, he will grumble at them.

Dog Information
7 Years old
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Handsome Joe is doing really well. We had his

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