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🐾 Introducing Tina Turner: A Tale of Triumph and Resilience 🐾

Meet Tina Turner, a remarkable pup whose journey from uncertainty to triumph is a testament to her spirit and the power of love. Found wandering the streets heavily pregnant, Tina’s story took a heartwarming turn when she arrived at our sanctuary on the very day that the legendary Tina Turner passed away. In honor of the icon’s legacy, we named this beautiful lady Tina Turner, as a tribute to her strength and resilience.

Tina’s journey wasn’t without its challenges. Beyond her pregnancy, she faced the threat of losing her sight due to entropion of the eye. Thanks to the skillful care of our incredible team at Coast Pet Care, Tina Turner’s sight was preserved, allowing her to enjoy the world around her without pain or discomfort.

But it’s not just her physical transformation that’s remarkable—Tina’s personality shines just as brightly. With an awesome demeanor and a heart full of love, she’s an instant friend to everyone she meets. Tina has a playful side too, enjoying the company of her fellow canine companions at the sanctuary. While her exuberance can sometimes be a bit much, she’s a young pup who’s finally allowed to embrace her true nature and puppyhood.

Tina Turner will flourish in a home that offers her ongoing training and guidance, just like any pup would benefit from. Her journey is a testament to her resilience, and the home that welcomes her will gain a loyal and loving friend for life. If you’re ready to provide Tina Turner with the best home she truly deserves, contact us today. 🐶❤️🌈 #TinaTurner #AdoptAPet

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1/10/2022 approx
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